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About Us .....

Col R.D. Bhardwaj, Founder of Vigil Security Services retired as colonel (a senior army officer) after serving in the Indian Army for about 25 years. He eventually set up his own security service. The company is ethical in its dealings and complies with the statutory guidelines of the government.

Vision :
It is our aim to continue strengthening this organization into a fighting fit set up with a reputation to maintain. We are determined to set benchmarks of fair dealings and a system for measuring results and ensuring integrity and transparency in all our actions. We firmly recognize and acknowledge that quality is the ultimate relationship between the client and the company. Only our values and commitment can ensure long lasting relationships.

Horizons :
In time, Vigil Security Services after a phase of consolidation was amalgamated in Vigilplus Security Solutions Pvt Ltd. The process of growth and moving beyond Surat & Gujarat is now being accelerated.(To go beyond the critical mass of Self-sustainability) avenues where we can scale us the value chain are being contemplated.

Network :
We are an efficiently managed ISO 9001: 2008 Security Agency in Surat with an establishment of three offices and to administer the functioning of our security officers, supervisors and guards. Our office in Mora caters to all the requirements of our security fleet related to the sites in Hazira belt. Our correspondence administration and management is equally shared by our hub in Vesu and commercial centre in Piplod respectively.
  • We offer specialized workforce for the following :   
  • (1) Commandos for elite security needs.   
  • (2) Specialized fire fighting force.   
  • (3) Large scale event management.   
  • (4) Trusted and armed personnel for the diamond industry.